Woodhull Writer’s Retreat!

Raise Your Voices: An Intensive Nonfiction Writing Retreat for Women

April 9-11, 2010; Ancramdale, NY

October 8-10, 2010; Ancramdale, NY

November 12-14, 2010; San Francisco Bay Area

(Retreat starts Friday at 1PM and ends Sunday at 3PM)

Seminars by Deborah Siegel, Catherine Orenstein, Sunny Sea Gold, Kristin Kemp, & Barbara Victor on how to write an op-ed, how to write a feature article, how to write a book proposal, and generate non-fiction narrative and argument.

Cost: Due to the rising price of fuel Woodhull has adjusted their prices for the 2009, 2010 Calendar Year. While tuition will stay at $495 there is a fee of $100 a night for room and board. Seek scholarship from your institution or place of employment.

For sign-up and more info see: http://www.woodhull.org/writersRetreat.php?id=1


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