The Very First Statistics Saturday!

Since changing the numbers is what we’re about at The OpEd Project, it’s important to keep up on the current statistics: the figures we’re challenging women to change. So in addition to the byline updates we’re starting “Stat Sat,” the day of the week when we bring the figures to your doorstep. Here goes:

Stat: When Women’s History Month debuted in 1980, fewer than 3% of textbook content mentioned the historical contributions of women (Source: The Women’s Media Center)

Speaking of which, props to the Women’s Media Center, where every day this month a woman who is making history today is being profiled: Latoya Peterson (OEP Alum!), Joan Blades (OEP Alum!), Mana Kasongo, Celinda Lake, Cheryl Dorsey (OEP Alum!), Kelly Reichardt, Deepa Mehta, Tracy Van Slyke (OEP Alum!), Julie Foudy, and Kim Knowlton are on the list so far. Check out how they’re shaping the world at:


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