The OpEd Project Goes West!

During this month’s west coast OpEd Project marathon, we traveled up and down the California coast holding seminars, dinners and happy hours in San Francisco, Palo Alto and Los Angeles–where alums, mentor-editors and supporters ate, drank and were merry (try saying that three-times fast!). We don’t often post photos, but we thought you might enjoy seeing some of the faces behind the bylines.

Big shout-out to Mentor-Editor Michele Kort who reconnected with not one but  two of her recent mentees, Ebony Utley and Alison Brantley, in the flesh at the L.A. Happy Hour!

Los Angeles seminar group photo

Arielle and Natalie at the L.A. Happy Hour

Stanford seminar group shot

The San Francisco seminar

Ebony Utley is now a regular blogger for Ms. thanks to Mentor-Editor Michele Kort (right)

Katie and The OpEd Project's Los Angeles partner Jessica Laufer of Laufer Green Issac

Mentor-Editor Michele Kort with her mentee, Alison Brantley

Mentor-Editor and Seminar Leader Katherine Miezskowski with alums Sarah and M.C.


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