Byline survey, week 4: some mixed results

NYT   WaPo   WSJ     HuffPo    Salon  LA Times  Slate

Op-eds by women    18%     29%     22%     35%     9%      18%     27%

Op-eds by men        82%     71%      78%     65%     91%    82%    73%

This week brought lower results than last, with the HuffPo leading at 35%, and Salon dropping to an abysmal 10%.  Although it’s common for the numbers to ebb and flow – some weeks have better female representation than others – it’s easy to get a little disheartened.  So, just so you don’t get too depressed, here are some of the op-eds that women HAVE been publishing in major news outlets over the past week.

Meda Chesney-Lind, writing with Mike Males, had a fantastic NYT op-ed on April 1 called “The Myth of Mean Girls.”  The point?  However much we may hear about girls bullying each other (and indeed, some stories are quite appalling), the panic over girls is misplaced – in fact, violence among girls is at an all-time low.  So why, Chesney-Lind and Males ask, are we bullying girls?

Diane Ravitch wrote a fascinating op-ed for the WaPo on April 2 about a new outlook on education reform, in the wake of the apparent failure of No Child Left Behind.  We should ditch labels like “failing schools,” she says, and require assessments that truly gauge students’ learning.

And in an April 4 op-ed for the LA Times, Bonnie Lowenthal, a member of the California state government, urged California legislators to get rid of the buried provision requiring the state to seek a “cure” for homosexuality.  And yes, you heard that right.  Her op-ed outlines not just why it should be gone (fairly obvious) but how it got there.

Daily Prince       YDN        Daily Texan

Op-eds by women             17%              33%            10%

Op-eds by men                  83%              77%            90%


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