Byline blog, week 9

As we move into May, and the third month of my diligent byline-tracking, we have some mixed results from last week’s byline count.  First of all, some massive kudos to Caitlin Borgmann, whose fantastic LA Times op-ed from April 25 was cited in Charles’ Blow’s column in the NYT on Saturday.  Borgmann’s piece dealt with the apparent hypocrisy of Nebraska’s new fetal pain legislation; as she points out, “abortion legislation today commonly masquerades as something much smaller than a call to ban all abortions,” and this law seems to be no exception.  Blow mentions Borgmann’s op-ed at the very beginning of his column, pointing out Nebraska as one of the “rash” of states that has recently sought to limit abortion access.

The rest of the numbers show small fluctuations, but no real changes in trends – in most mainstream publications, women’s voices seem to comprise between 20 and 30% of op-eds:

NYT  WaPo  WSJ  HuffPo  LA Times  Salon  Slate

% by women    29      22      17      19       21        13       28

% by men         71       78     83     81      79       87       78

Yesterday, though, was a great day for the LA Times; 3 of the 4 op-eds published in its opinion section were by women (Charlotte Allen on undermining the Catholic Church, Sonia Shah on productive ways to combat diseases of the poor in developing countries, and Judith Shulevitz on the need to honor the sabbath).

The college newspapers were a little more sporadic, mostly because our school years are winding down and newspapers don’t publish as regularly.  But all of the op-eds printed in the Yale Daily News over the past week (admittedly, there were three) were by women, and the Daily Texan ran several fantastic op-eds on campus sexism and the need for sex education:

Daily Prince                 YDN                    Daily Texan

% by women       9                           100                        33

% by men            91                          0                         67


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