Where We’ve Been This Month….

This past month we worked chiefly on the east coast, holding seminars, activities and happy hours in New Haven, Washington D.C. and  New York City. Big thanks to Katherine Lanpher, who led Yale and NYC seminars alongside founder Katie Orenstein, and to Alyssa Best and Kelly Nuxoll who made possible the OEP adventure in Washington D.C.

Here at OEP headquarters we’re kicking off a four-week evening workshop with Katherine Lanpher on Op-Eds and speaking your mind (preparations for tonight’s initial workshop are being made as I type!) and planning to bring a bevy of seminars and happy hours to the west coast and Denver (they’ll hopefully be taking place on the 8th, 10th, 11th, 13th, 15th, 16th, and 17th). Thanks to Mentor-Editors, alums, and new participants who showed up for the fun during April, we hope to see you even more in May!

Washington D.C. seminar group photo

D.C. Happy Hour

Congrats to recent D.C. alum Nina Godiwalla, referred by Mentor-Editor Reshma Kapadia, on her forthcoming book “Suits: a Woman on Wallstreet”!

New York City seminar group photo

Mentor-Editors Jessica Seigel and Vibhuti Patel at the NYC happy hour

OEP alum sharing thoughts over drinks at the NYC happy hour

OEP alum Ann Lee and Mentor-Editor Michael Massing at the NYC happy hour

Katie and alum Jennifer Seide at the NYC happy hour (a big thanks to Maura McGreevy for sending Jennifer our way!)

Courtney Lobel, Amy Finnegan and Danielle Grace Warren at NYC happy hour

Something has OEP alum Gwen highly animated at the NYC happy hour

Mentor-Editor Vibhuti Patel and OEP seminar leader Kathern Lanpher engaged in a deep discussion at the NYC happy hour

OEP alum Jennifer and Katie enjoy the company of some taxidermied friends in the lobby of the ACE Hotel at the NYC happy hour


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