Good week for the NYT and Salon, bad week for the WaPo

Last week was a pretty fantastic week for the NYT, in that almost every day there was at least one female op-ed contributor.  Although this doesn’t nudge their percentages as much as I had hoped, it was striking to me, counting the op-eds, and hopefully to everyone else reading the opinion page.  Salon, also, deserves some major kudos – although they don’t publish a lot of guest writers, this week was extremely notable because over half over of their guests were women.  Yes.  Over half!

As always a little shout-out to the women who were published in the NYT this week: writer Manjushree Thapa had a great piece about the seemingly never-ending wait for the nationwide Nepalese strike to cease; Ann Patchett had a lovely, lyrical article about floods, and how they differ in our cultural consciousness from other natural disasters; Olivia Judson had some fascinating thoughts about medical rituals, and Lisa Margonelli wrote on the oil spill.

I don’t know what was going on in Washington, though – there were only two op-eds by women.  Let’s step it up, WaPo!

NYT  WaPo  WSJ  HuffPo  LA Times  Salon  Slate

% by women    31      14     10     28        20         57       23

% by men         69     86     90     72        80         43       77

Things are winding down at the college newspapers, where the school years are ending; the Yale Daily News has stopped printing until August, the Prince is only publishing an issue every other day, but the Daily Texan is still chugging along.  Here are the numbers:

Daily Prince                 YDN                    Daily Texan

% by women       50                           0                        38

% by men            50                          0                         62


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