Editorial Columnist Opportunity at Newsday!

We urge you all to take a chance at having a bigger voice by applying for the below opportunity at Newsday. If you have any questions, editorial board member, Anne Michaud has generously offered to be available to answer them. She can be reached at anne.michaud@newsday.com or 631-843-2902.

Good Luck!
The OpEd Project Team


Job Opening: Editorial Writer
Newsday’s editorial board has an opening for an editorial writer.This job requires an experienced journalist or public policy analyst able to produce on deadline fact-based opinions and state them clearly, cogently and engagingly. He or she will participate in daily board meetings and must be comfortable expressing strong views and when necessary, challenging consensus and putting forward well-argued dissents.
The writer will be expected to analyze fairly and comment insightfully on a broad range of issues influencing the lives of Newsday’s readers.
The editorial writer will work both independently and as a member of a team. He or she should be skilled in synthesizing viewpoints and concisely expressing the board’s opinion.
Understanding of and a background in finance and economics is essential.
To apply, contact: Maryann Skinner, AME – Editorial Administration, maryann.skinner@newsday.com.

Please note: This is an editorial columnist position, NOT an op-ed columnist position.  That means different things at different newspapers, but according to Newsday, in this case it means the opinions are unsigned, i.e., anonymous, and are a consensus of the editorial board, which includes editorial writers, editors and the publisher.  So, the job is not quite as open to individual expression as an op-ed column, but still powerfully influences public debate.


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