Belated updates from the byline project!

Apologies, faithful readers, for the lateness of this post – but here are the numbers from the last few weeks of my byline survey.  A thorough summary of what the three-month project yielded will be up in a few days.  But for now, here are the results from the last two weeks of May – I’ve omitted the college newspapers because two of them had already stopped publishing for the summer.

NYT  WaPo  WSJ  HuffPo  LA Times  Salon  Slate

% by women     18      13     19    17        15         24       27

% by men         82     87     81     83        85         76       73

As you can see, the percentages were hovering in the usual arena – women were about 20% of the op-eds published in major news outlets during this period (although the Wall Street Journal was doing slightly better than usual, as well as the LA Times).  Stay tuned for updates with final data from the project, as well as some analysis not just of the numbers of women writing op-eds for these papers, but what the op-eds were about.


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