Follow-up Workshops with Katherine Lanpher

We just finished the third month of now regular Op-Ed Project workshops with Katherine Lanpher and I thought I’d update you on all the fun. For those of you who haven’t been following these blog posts, you should know that Katherine is a national radio host, author, opinion writer, and all around funny lady. It’s great – every week, the class is always bursting into laughter. One week, everyone decided to turn the class into Op-Eds anonymous – everyone introduced themselves, saying, “My name is ____. And I have an opinion – ____.” The opinions’ topics varied from BP and venture capitalists to hedgehogs and frizzy hair.
Each week, everyone came to class to workshop their pieces, get feedback on ideas, have fun, and learn new things. On one of the Tuesdays, Katherine invited Patti Greco, her editor from More Magazine, to talk to the class about her job, the industry, and the importance of a good pitch letter. Last week, we celebrated successes and progress with some wine and even more laughs.
In all, it was a great workshop – and a successful one! Since the beginning of the session, there have already been three pieces published, and two others under submission.
For those of you in the workshop, it was great working with you. Everyone else, hope to see you at the next workshop in September!
– Jordan

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