The OpEd Project and Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow hold second session….

Over the past weekend protest has raged over the proposed Islamic community center and Mosque that could be built near ground zero in lower Manhattan. This topic was painfully familiar to many who attended The OpEd Project seminar with Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow (MLT)  last week on August 13th.

The level of engagement and energy throughout the session was phenomenal and we were especially eager to hear from one participant,  Daisy Khan, who is the executive director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement and the founder of MLT.

Zeba Khan, one of the alums from last year’s MLT / OEP collaboration, wrote her very first op-ed after attending the session and later that fall beat out thousands of competitors in the Washington Posts “America’s Next Great Pundit Contest,” ending the competition as runner-up to the first-place position. Khan’s work has since appeared in numerous media outlets, including the Huffington Post and the Washington Post. You can read some of it here:

In light of the contention that so often characterizes our national conversations today it’s important that we have a diversity of voices contributing to the dialogue. Thank you Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow for showing up to enrich the debate!

OEP / Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow seminar, 2010

OEP / Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow seminar, 2009


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