The first results are in!

One week into the byline survey, I wanted to give a quick update with some early statistics. But let me warn you, the results are not so pretty:

NYT           WSJ            WP            HP            DB         SA

% W    36%            24%           16%         24%         33%       17%

% M    64%            76%           84%         76%         67%       83%

Though these statistics reflect just one week of surveying, female voices clearly lag behind males across all of the publications. Women were particularly absent on the opinion pages of the Washington Post and Salon, and it will be interesting to see if this is a trend that will continue throughout the next few months.

However, many more female op-ed contributors appeared on the opinion pages of the college

CU            DP            YD

% by Women                  80%       27%      50%

% by Men                        20%       73%        50%

Whether or not this indicates a future rise in the number of women writers appearing on the op-ed pages, only time will tell.

In terms of content, women writers most often focused on issues relating to the female gender- be it in politics, in the workplace, or in health news as seen with Robin Marantz Henig’s article on I.V.F. There was no female commentary on economic or security issues. Of course, women’s issues are incredibly important and it follows that female writers most often address such topics. But, it would be great to see some more women writing about a broader range of issues- if you have an opinion or knowledge to share, let this be your inspiration to voice it!


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