The Byline Survey: Statistics from the Second Week

As you can see from the numbers below, this week women authored about 20% of the op-eds across all three of the major print publications. Among the online publications and college newspapers, women authors appeared slightly more often , ranging from 30-45%.

NYT      WP      WSJ      HP      DB      SA    CU      DP      YD

%W       19%    19%    20%    30%    44%    40%    27%    45%    32%

%M       81%    81%    80%    70%    56%    60%    64%    55%    53%

The female authored op-ed’s most often focused on topics related to women in politics, including controversy surrounding Christine O’Donnell’s campaign, and  women-bashing by the Democratic party. Topics relating to the entertainment world (Stephanie Coontz of the Washington Post duped Mad Men “TV’s most feminist show) were also quite popular. Once again there were no women writing about military or security issues, or topics related to the hard sciences. However, one piece that stood out as an unusual, yet important issue was written by Mary Anastasia O’Grady of the Wall St. Journal on the economics of drug violence in Mexico City.

With election day just a few weeks away, it seems as though issues relating to national politics will continue to dominate the opinion pages. Make sure to stay tuned for updates and analysis throughout the week!


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