Byline Survey Week 3: New York Times at a female to male ratio of 15:85!

Three weeks into the byline survey, the New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall St. Journal are consistently showing the worst ratios of female to male authors across the surveyed publications. This week all three publications dropped to the 15-17% range. On the other hand, the Daily Beast published the highest percentage of female authors this week, at 40%.

NYT      WP      WSJ      SA      HP      DB      CU      DP      YD

%W    15%    17%    17%    25%    21%    40%    38%    22%    35%

%M     85%    83%    83%    75%    79%    60%    62%    78%    65%

Due to the impending elections, politics once again dominated the conversation on opinion pages across the board. Much attention was paid to the heated battles between GOP and Democratic candidates, but many pieces also focused on reviewing the past two years of the Obama administration. It will be interesting to see if the percentages of male and female authors will change at all following the elections, as women have been writing less than men on political issues.


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