The Op-Ed Project New York Session 10/30 Happy Hour!

After a wonderfully fascinating and successful session led by Katherine Lanpher at our New York offices, the whole crew went out for the happy hour at the Ace Hotel. Over some delicious drinks, we all learned more about each other and made some amazing acquaintances. We were also joined by some of our favorite OEP Alums, Mentor-Editors, and friends!

Tereza Nemassanyi (OEP Alum), Margot (Tereza's daughter), Katie Orenstein (OEP Founder), and Michelle Horowitz (OEP Advisory Board Chair)

Caitlin Kelley (OEP Alum), Marielle Anzelone (OEP Alum) holding the mock-up of her NYT op-art op-ed, and Ann Lee (OEP Alum)

Danielle Warren (OEP Director of Ops) hugging Harlan Protass (OEP fan and prolific op-ed writer)

Marie Sabatino (OEP Alum), Michael Massing (OEP Mentor-Editor), and Katherine Lanpher (OEP Seminar Leader)


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