The OpEd Project’s very own Danielle Grace Warren publishes an excellent op-ed on how to fix the Aid Crisis in Haiti

Congratulations to Danielle Warren for publishing an excellent op-ed on! Her piece, entitled “Helping Haiti: Stop the handouts,” provides key insight on the problems with current foreign aid to Haiti, which is centralized in Port au Prince. In contrast to many criticizers of aid, Warren provides concrete, feasible alternatives to help rebuild Haiti. She argues that “we need to be investing in sustainable agricultural education and development projects in partnership with leadership at all levels, especially local leadership in impoverished rural areas, that take both people and the environment into account like sustainable women’s farming cooperatives and  mangrove reforestation initiatives in partnership with local fishers.”  Warren’s piece stands apart from the many voices commenting on aid to Haiti in providing fundamental steps to break what President Obama has deemed a “cycle of dependence.” Foreign policy experts should take note!


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