Byline Survey: Week 7 Results, and Jacki Savitz on the importance of passing the “Spill Bill”

On Wednesday, November 17th the Huffington Post published an excellent op-ed by Jackie Savitz on the importance of passing the “Spill Bill,” in the Senate. Although the BP oil spill is no longer a hot topic across the headlines of mainstream media, Savitz’s column makes it clear that the problems with offshore drilling must not be forgotten.

As the Senior Campaign Director for pollution programs at Oceana, an international organization focused on ocean preservation, Savitz is a clear expert on the perils of off-shore drilling. Despite the tremendous devastation and lasting environmental damage caused by the BP oil spill, the legislative response to that disaster looks as though it may not get through the Senate before this Congressional session comes to a close. Although Oceana seeks to ban offshore drilling entirely, Savitz argues passing the “Spill Bill,” is a step in the right direction as a much needed response to what Obama has deemed “the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history.” She argues that “oil companies should be financially responsible for 100 percent of the destruction they cause, and the suffering Senate bill would make that so.” If the bill is not passed it will join a number of other recently failed legislative environmental efforts, including the climate bill that was rejected earlier this summer. Savitz argues that we can’t afford to not take action, urging readers to take personal responsibility in writing to their Senators on behalf of the bill. Heed her advice, and write to your Senator!


In other news, here are this week’s statistics from the byline survey:


NYT         WSJ           WP           SA        HP         DB

% W         16%         18%        24%        21%        27%        20%
% M         84%         82%        767%        79%        73%        80%

The New York Times once again published the lowest ratio of female writers at 16%! In contrast, the Columbia Spectator published a higher ratio of female opinion writers than male- the only publication to do so since the first week of the byline survey!

CU             YD            DP

%W                             78%          35%        18%

%M                             22%           65%        82%

Stay tuned for updates!


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