Byline Survey Week 9 and a cumulative look at the past 2 months

The first of December marked the beginning of the 3rd, and final month of the byline survey! Here are the results from this past week:

NYT       WP        WSJ       HP        DB        SA      CU      DP      YD

%W   15%    24%     18%     22%     22%     20%     56%     9%     43%
%M    85%    76%      82%    78%     78%      80%     44%   91%    57%

Two months into the survey,  I wanted to update with a cumulative look at the data collected so far. For those of you who are regular followers of the survey, this chart should help provide a more concrete sense of the numbers in contrast to the weekly tallies which only reflect 7 days of data.

To those readers who are newcomers to the byline blog, the byline survey is a three-month long study to monitor and analyze female voices on the op-ed pages of major print, online, and college news sources.  The results of the survey will be collected in a comprehensive report that will provide key insight to how women are represented in opinion journalism across the board. The survey tracks op-eds in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Daily Beast, Salon, and The Huffington Post, in addition to the college publications, the Columbia Daily Spectator, the Daily Princetonian and the Yale Daily News.

Here compiled results from the last two months:

As you can see, the print news publications publish the lowest percentage of female authors. That the college publications have the highest percentage of female authors seems to suggest that the next generation of journalists will bring more gender equality to the op-ed pages.

Stay tuned for another update on the survey soon!

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