Grand Finale: March Writing Workshop Series

Last night marked the last meeting of the March Writing Workshop Series led by the OpEd Project’s lovely Katherine Lanpher. As an intern here at OEP I, Gus Hagen-Dillon, had the opportunity to participate in the workshop. It was an incredibly inspiring, and informative experience to work beside such a diverse group of brilliant, successful, and witty women.

Over the course of the month, each participant had the opportunity to work on developing an op-ed (or two or three) under the guidance and support of the group. Collectively, we covered a broad range of expertise and were able to generate many innovative ideas. Although we worked hard to develop and critique each others op-ed’s, each session had its fair share of laughs. Here’s a photo of the lovely group:

The remarkable group of women!

The workshop produced a number of successes- here’s a few highlights:

Qanta Ahmed published an column in the online edition of USA Today about sleep deprivation entitled Sleep Matters: the conversation with America starts here

Kim Taylor published an op-ed on PBS’ Need to Know Website entitled Lost in the fog of Alzheimer’s

If you are interested in joining the workshop and developing your own op-ed under the guidance and support of an awesome group of ladies, sign up for the April workshop series that begins April 5th!


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