OEP Advisor Marci Alboher Disputes the “Queen Bee Syndrome” on NBC’s Today Show

This morning Marci Alboher, an Op-Ed Project Advisor, made an appearance on NBC’s Today Show to discuss the “Queen Bee Syndrome.” The term describes the phenomena of female executives favoring their male subordinates over females as found in a recent study. The full clip of the segment can be watched here.

Despite the anchor’s persistent efforts to get at the underlying causes for evil “alpha” female bosses, Alboher refuses to indulge. She insists that rather than focusing on the negative aspects of those few women who have made it to the top, we need to be working on expanding the number of women in executive positions! After all, as she so cleverly puts it, there is absolutely no discussion  of “King Snake Syndrome.”

It’s appalling that so much time and attention is focused on the “phenomena” of mean, powerful women. Even worse is the fact that MSNBC published the clip under the headline “Bad female boss? She may have Queen Bee Syndrome: She’s the alpha female in the workplace who tries to preserve power at all costs.”

Thanks to Marci Alboher for so clearly and vehemently setting the framework straight!



  1. Here, here! That piece was a bunch of crap and I can’t believe it was aired on television. The article is even worse. Everything that was cited as “bad female boss behavior” has actually been done to me by both sexes. Here’s a thought: sometimes there are just lousy bosses – and they strike with equal opportunity.

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