San Francisco Treat: April 10th OEP Public Seminar

I had a great time in San Francisco this weekend — I hadn’t been back to the Bay Area since my first OpEd experience as a participant in the Feb 6th public seminar, so I was stoked to return in my shiny new capacity as OpEd’s West Coast Outreach Extraordinaire. Sunday’s seminar was a smashing success with a stellar group of lovely ladies offering incredible insight and influence — I honestly felt truly proud and humbled to have had a hand in bringing all of them together. It’s really magical how these workshops fill up as the diversity and depth of the women who participate is always so wonderfully organic and impressive.

It was even more special because Katie, our fearless femme leader, was in town and treated this group to her serious seminar skills — I’ve seen her present 3 times now and I swear, I could listen to her spread our unique brand of thought leadership gospel everyday for the rest of my life and get something out of it every time. When the words are worthy, you really can’t say them enough, huh?

And for real icing on our change-the-conversation cake, Katie was able to share a truly moving milestone with the attendees: John Thompson (JT), who spent 18 years in prison  — 14 of them on death row — for robbery and murder charges he didn’t commit, had a published piece on his struggles in Sunday’s New York Times with the help of OEP. Last month, the Supreme Court decided 5-4 to overturn a case that JT had won against the corrupt prosecutors and district attorney who oversaw his case, ruling that they were not liable for the failure to turn over evidence that would eventually exonerate him in 2003. OEP knew there was only one more court left for JT to present his case: the court of public opinion. So he had his final say in front of millions all over the world. JT’s story of perseverance against persecution exemplifies why OEP exists — so it was a mission-affirming moment to watch Sunday’s seminar read his words while they worked to find their own voices.

Of course, we topped it all off with a toast or two afterward – always great to watch OEP alums and newbies mingling and sharing stories. The Echoing Green crew was really representing:

Thanks to all the amazing opinionistas who attended the seminar and/or happy hour — we can’t wait to see what fantastic work you publish. Looking forward to more spectacular SF seminar action on July 17th!

— Becca


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