The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Where’s Female Expertise?

After Sarah Vowell made a wonderful and hilarious appearance on the Daily Show last week, those of us here at the OpEd Project got to wondering how many women have joined her ranks at the seat of honor across from Jon Stewart. A brief survey of the past 200 guests on the show (as displayed on their website) shows that just 42 interviewees were female.

Perhaps more interesting is a comparison in the type of expertise between male and female guests:

Politicians: 35 male, 5 female

Actors: 33 male, 16 female

Authors: 31 male, 6 female

Journalists: 15 male, 7 female

Where the largest category of male guests was that of politics, by far the largest category of female guests was that of actors. While almost half of the journalists interviewed were female, only 16% of all authors interviewed were women.

Stewart also interviewed 2 male military experts, 7 musicians, 6 movie directors, and 2 scientists, but no women from any of those categories.

If you want to help expand the range of female experts on one of the most popular TV shows, REGISTER for the new OpEdProject studio course, and get your voice out there!

Stay tuned for statistics on the Colbert Report!


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