“I am committed to OpEd!”

The OpEd studio celebrated their last class on Thursday evening with a special session of “intense sati” led by Wendy Suzuki, neuroscientist, NYU professor and certified fitness instructor. Click here to watch the video!












Here’s what some of the ladies had to say about their OpEd Studio experiences:

“The most impressive thing about this class was the high quality of

both teachers and all of the special guests. Julie and Jolie provided

the perfect framework and tone for the class and each one of the

guests was so generous with both their knowledge and advice. The

class was an amazing experience!” – Wendy Suzuki

“Over eight weeks the teachers and participants in the OpEd Studio work together to demystify all types of media and help position your message to be heard. It is one of the most valuable classes I’ve ever taken.” – Cali Yost

“The multimedia studio is a great way to get a beat on what is happening right now with the major forms of media. If you have ideas that need to be heard, this class can help you figure out not only how to get heard but understand the variety of channels to market that are available now. The facilitators create a safe experimental environment and the guests shoot straight about the realities of the marketplace for ideas. If you only have time for one professional development experience in the next year, take this one.” – Karissa Thacker


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