Be Proactive!

This week an OpEd Project alum, Veronica Arreola, from the summer Chicago session—the next is October 1—showed us all how to be proactive in the world of journalism and achieve what we want. Here is a quote from Veronica herself explaining what she did:

There has been a recent rash of anti-women’s sports comments in the Chicago Sun-Times. Instead of writing an op-ed or letter to the editor, I asked for a meeting with the paper’s editor and the sports editor. I also asked for an opportunity to submit an op-ed supporting women’s sports. Guess what? The sports editor quickly wrote back and requested a 500-word commentary!”

that was last Monday. Yesterday, only a week later, her piece ran in the Chicago Sun-Times. Here is the link to the article, entitled “Women’s Sports Deserve a Chance”

Big round of applause for Veronica and her gutsy actions. We can all learn a lot from her refusal to back down and ability to see her piece through to completion!


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