Educate and Reward

This week proved to be very exciting for the OpEd Project with two alums and one Yale fellowship participant publishing opeds in three different outlets—The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, and CNN Opinion. Despite the authors contrasting subject matter, all three pieces called on the need for change and discovery, be it literal as in the case of the mega-maser discussed by Meg Urry in her piece on CNN, or figurative as in the need to teach the Bible in public schools, described by Nyasha Junior on the Christian Science Monitor, or the need to dismiss Republican beliefs that the notion of the slave family can possibly be idealized—Tera Hunter, The New York Times. All three women proved to the OpEd community, and the world, that there are instances in which we have to reach outside of our comfort zone to educate the world around us be it about the largest reservoir of water ever, the life lessons that can be learned from the Bible, or the reality of the slave family.


My internship at the OpEd Project proved to be a learning experience for me, and a chance to reach outside of my own comfort zone. On this, my last day, I can say with certainty that this organization has found the correct language to change the world’s conversation and inhibit more diversity across the field of journalism and beyond. From learning how to use a stapler remover, yes I was that office impaired, to performing a byline survey the experience has been immensely rewarding and I am thankful for every minute.


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