OEP Team – Katie Orenstein, Katherine Lanpher, Janus Adams, Courtney Martin, and Annie Murphy Paul lead the second convening of our Yale Public Voices Fellowship at Yale University!

This past Sunday and Monday, September 18th & 19th, The OpEd Project visited Yale University where the second meeting of Yale Public Voices Fellowship took place.

Some comments from the wonderful OEP team on the Yale Seminar:

“OEP’s work is changing the way women scholars view themselves. The change in skill sets comes as a revelation; the change in the way they value their work makes way for revolution.” -Janus Adams

“[The seminar] was a reminder of how great the divide between cultural universes (that is, journalism and academia), even when they might seem to have so much in common… I think Katherine [Lanpher’s] analogy to learning another language was really apt.”-Annie Murphy Paul

“It was an honor to be among so many brilliant scholars, not to mention OEP facilitators and friends… We managed to create a great blend of thought experiments and skill building, with small group intensives and workshop experiences… I walked away with such a deep trust in the scholars’ knowledge and such a deep yearning to see it make its way out into the wider world.” -Courtney Martin

In addition it should be noted that one of the seminar’s alums, Laura Wexler, had an op-ed published by CNN on Tuesday, the day following the seminar. Congrats Laura! You can read her incredible article on the pitfalls of eyewitness testimony here: <http://www.cnn.com/2011/09/20/opinion/wexler-witness-memory-davis/>


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