Freedom, Foliage, and the Final Frontier: End of September Updates

Hello everybody, this is Taryn (dedicated intern), here to catch you up on some of the latest OpEd Project successes.

There’s been so much action this week – with teams in NYC, Dallas, Chicago, and at Yale.  In Dallas, we presented to Women Moving Millions.  In NYC, we ran public programs and held media meetings.  Our Chicago team – Debbie Seigel, Michele Weldon, Katherine Lanpher and Zeba Khan — will be running a public program on October 1st, hosted by Northwestern University, with forty women in the room (a record).

Successes this week included:

*Qanta Ahmed published an op-ed on Saudi women in today’s NY Daily News, which was the most emailed article of the day. Qanta is now on her 20th published column since coming through OpEd project, many of which have been featured in the Washington Post and USA today. Read You Don’t Know Saudi Arabian Women

*Marielle Anzelone, an urban ecologist, had a gorgeous column in the NYT  this week on the beginning of Autumn –
 it’s the first of a 13-week online column on urban ecology that was offered her after she published her first op-ed ever in May, in the NYT print edition, after coming through The OpEd Project. Read: Autumn Unfolds in a Patch of Urban Forest

*Yale Scholar Laura Wexler (part of our OpEd Project at Yale fellowship program)  had a beautiful CNN column on the Troy Davis execution, and the unreliability of eyewitness identification and memory. As a result of this, Laura will be on Minnesota Public Radio today.  Listen to the interview.

*Also,Yale astrophysicist Meg Urry wrote a great CNN piece on the expanding galaxy – her fourth for CNN in the past few months that we’ve been working with her (she also did one for The Huffington Post). Yesterday, CNN offered Meg a monthly column, and potential TV spots.  Find Meg’s columns here.

*Finally, Fordham/Princeton scholar Carina Ray (we are launching OpEd Project fellowships at Princeton and Fordham both in the next two months) published an enlightening article in the Huffington Post this week titled The Gaddafi Mercenary Myth; and Sarah Fitts, who came through our NYC public program just this last weekend, published her persuasive piece Freedom is an Electric Car, also in the Huffington Post.

Wow.  What a week!


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