Hey All,

I’d like to start off by first introducing myself. My name is Anaam and I am the Social Media intern for the Fall/Winter semester. I am currently completing a Post-Bac at Columbia University in Public Health and will soon be applying to law school for the fall of 2012. I currently also write for a newly launched online debate platform called PolicyMic.

Every Tuesday I hope to bring you guys a weekly update on what’s trending in the OpEd World on Facebook, Twitter, and in the blogsphere. From time to time I’ll present polls and interesting statistics, and also high light some of the most talked about OpEds of the week.

This week: Katherine Herrup in her latest blog post believes that there is a lack of leadership across the board and women may be the ones to fill the gap. Katherine’s article made us curious and we asked our followers on Facebook: Could the next Steve Jobs be a woman? Click here to participate, and be sure to share your thoughts! Stay tuned, as  I present the results next Tuesday.

On that note, I wish you all a great week!


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