1. Both men and women are under so much burden that it is amazing that they can come up for air to voice their opinion. I can speak as a female representative. The burden of teaching our children has shifted to mothers like me. teachers are underpaid and teach to the weakest students to bring the bottom up. This is so that they can pass standardized tests and get financial help that is needed. So public education is dismantled and dysfunctional. Private schools are prohibitively expensive and reserved for the children of those who rob this country and it’s citizens. Entering into colleges has formidable competition because of non-citizens coming in and paying out of state tuition to save the bottom line of public colleges. Of course, foreign students also get a much better k-12 education than our own children. Every service provider you need on a daily business is focused on extracting more dollars out of your household and see if they get away with it. Rob a few dollars out of all customer base and make more money theory is practiced by all companies. The term ‘service’ is meaningless in the business world. We used to have these in the old days. for example, it took three weeks and 7 employees and three new dishwashers for me to finally have my one dishwasher replaced. The dysfunctionality of a simple thing as getting a dishwasher in place is laughable but a sad reality. Note that there was nothing wrong with access, stairs, electric, or plumbing!!
    The number of hours I spend on the phone going through automated mazes to fix the errors of a few dollars on banks, credit cards,…. is staggering (a part-time job). Jobs are no longer 8-5 and 40 hour a wk. With email and cell phone, the number of hours spent working a job for me is 60 hours/wk. Since investigative journalism has been successfully killed, we only get news public relation personnel and NOT the real news. So the number of hours spent to try to get a glimpse of what really is going on is another part-time job. There are only 24 hours in a day. This aside from the regular jobs of keeping the household running: feeding, cooking shopping, cleaning, dental, eye, medical care,… SO as my UPS guy says: “the system got you goood and where they want you”: Too busy surviving to meddle in their robbery of this country. So why women show up less than men in op-eds? we come up less for air. I am writing this at 2 am. Only time left to myself.The huge positive contribution of activism brought form by women is clear. Women think and plan for long-term. They care about what their children will inherit and they care about the environment. This is exactly opposite of the corporate world in which we have observed the “I’ll be gone and you’ll e gone” mentality. Corporate system is based on short-term gains at any cost. Women will bring balance and push back if they were given a chance. But there are nice barriers to entry for that too. So encouraging women is good to participate is great. But here is a little window on why we have less presence.

    1. I’m so happy that you found the time to comment, because you made so many excellent points.

      I can’t imagine staying abreast of what’s going on in the world while managing such pressures and such a schedule, not to mention sitting down to compose an insightful and thought provoking op-ed. And it’s so frustrating too, because the world would certainly be a better place if we heard more from mothers on political, economic, health, and education issues, etc.

      I was reminded of a Pew Research Center Report “The Harried Life of the Working Mother”, in which a full 40% of working mothers reported that they “always feel rushed” compared to 26% of stay-at-home moms and 25% of working dads. Working moms also had the highest stress levels of the three groups, but, interestingly enough, they also reported the highest levels of happiness.

      With this in mind, I am especially curious to know what women write about when they are able to carve out the precious time from their hectic days (ie., what are the things that so motivate them to stay up until 2am writing?). I’m going to continue to try to identify certain topics that women weigh in most on. I hope that we get a chance to hear more from you in the future.

      *Kim Parker. Pew Research Center Report “The Harried Life of the Working Mother”, 10/1/09.

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