Public Voices Fellowship Program Picking up Speed…

Ravenna Koenig, OEP Junior Fellow, reporting on the progress of our opinion writers in academia. The OpEd Project’s Public Voices Fellowship Program is gaining momentum as it speeds through the hallowed halls of several fine academic institutions towards November. Fordham joined Yale last week as the second University to host this fabulous initiative, and Stanford will become the third when it holds its inaugural Public Voices Fellowship convening on the 27th and 28th of this month.

Zeba Khan, Joe Loya, and Michele Weldon will be joining the ranks of Katherine Lanpher (Yale Program), Annie Murphy Paul (Yale and Fordham Programs), Harriet Washington (Fordham Program) and Abby Ellin (Fordham Program) as they step into their leadership positions with the Stanford Public Voices Fellowship. We wish them the very best of luck and can’t wait to read the pieces generated by the group at Stanford.

While the Fordham program has just left the gates and is in the process of generating compelling subjects and drafting their initial op-eds, the Yale scholars (almost seven months in) have been celebrating one published victory after another.

Jody Sindelar and Meg Urry both had op-eds published by CNN Opinion this month. Jody’s piece was on the potential health and financial benefits of paying smokers on Medicaid not to smoke, and Meg’s was about the Nobel-winning scientists’ discoveries concerning the expansion of the universe. Jody also made a television appearance on CNN on October 7th!

Among the many voices vying to say something novel in the wake of Steve Jobs’ death, Inderpal Grewal wrote a striking piece about the legacy that Jobs leaves in the marriage of arts and technology.

Carolyn Mazure’s op-ed on Rick Perry and Science was published on the “Need To Know” opinion section of

All such wonderful, important, and thought-provoking pieces! We look forward to hearing more from their authors as well as from the other Yale Fellows, and from the new Fordham Fellows.

Congrats, many thanks, and best of luck to all the Fellowship Program leaders! Without your  expertise we’d be without the vision of all the amazing scholars you’re bringing to the forefront of thought leadership.


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