Pop Culture, Occupy Wall Street, and Job Creation

Hey folks,

Anaam reporting in with the success highlights of the week.

With the recent buzz about the economy and Occupy Wall Street, the OEP team is pumping out amazing successes that are timely and very informative.

Michele Elam, recent alum of the Stanford Fellowship seminar, was featured today on CNN Opinion for her piece: “How art propels Occupy Wall Street.” This awesome piece highlights the importance of pop art prompted by OWS and how it is reshaping the dialogue behind this movement. Elm writes:

“Occupy art might just be the movement’s most politically potent tool in its dramatic reframing of the racial dynamics of a populist uprising frequently characterized as largely white and ‘hippie.”

Michele’s article stands out because it emphasizes the underlying message of OWS. The movement is not about the 1%, but in fact is about uniting everyone to help redefine the political landscape. Click here to read Michele’s unique perspective.

Another great success featured this week was on CivilEats.com by Tammy Morales. The article “Job Creation Starts With Investment in Food Entrepreneurs” suggests an innovative solution for  an untapped market for new and innovative jobs. Small food producers or local farmers are often overlooked when discussing ways of promoting job growth.  Tammy’s solution is important because it helps promote a healthier lifestyle and poses a possible solution that may help ease our country’s economic woes.

On that note, I want to congratulate Michele and Tammy for their amazing success! Your pieces are contributing to the larger dialogue that needs to take place to help get our country on track!


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