Rainy Day Voices in LA

Angelenos tend to hide in their homes whenever any sort of precipitation threatens our “72 and sunny” forecast, but The OpEd Project wasn’t going to let morning showers rain on our empowerment parade. We had an awesome group of women and one amazing man (shout-out to Fred Kramer!) plus rock star seminar leader and OpEd founder, Katie Orenstein – so it’s not surprising that by midday, opinions were forming and the sun was shining.

Tasha & Lisa breaking down the argument.

Shaheen & Kristen get into the nitty-gritty.

We even tried a little yoga after lunch to keep our chakras, and our ideas, flowing (sorry, there’s no picture evidence). Then we dived into the second part of the day, finished strong, smiled for the camera and headed to the gorgeous Avalon Hotel.

Fred, Emily, Shaheen, & Kim take on "Stepford is Us."

Changing the conversation goes better with popcorn, just ask Michaela & Michelle.

The whole crew smiling by the inspiring Suffrage Wall at Ms. Magazine

OEP Alums Tabby Biddle, Ruth Bettelheim and Lilli Cloud joined us for a lovely cocktail in the cozy poolside cabana — the perfect ending to a refreshing Sunday in LA!

Becca, Ruth & Kristen in the OEP cabana


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