Fall Firsts

Hey all! Anaam reporting in with the success highlights for the week of November 15th.

Over the weekend, Marielle Anzelone published an op-ed in the New York Times, which takes us on a beautiful journey through the picturesque landscape of Fall in NY.  The op-ed “Green Fades, Ambers and Golds Radiate” also featured a stunning video accompaniment. Click Here to read and watch Marielle’s  Latest installment in her Column.

Marielle Anzelone published her first Op-Art titled “When New York City Bloomed” back in March which was featured in the New York Times Sunday paper. Her article  received an amazing response and Marielle was asked to write a 13 week column for the paper to share her expertise on the changing seasons. Marielle’s op-ed have marked many firsts for the OpEd Project. Marielle’s efforts are truly inspiring and show us how everyone has something to share about his or her level of expertise.

About two weeks ago, Michele Elam landed a spot on CNN.com with her piece “How art propels Occupy Wall Street.” Since then over 18 million viewers have read her article. Also, Michele recently published another amazing op-ed with the Huffington Post titled “Why Black Firsts Matter.” This compelling piece explores why new social movements mark the beginning of different era. Michele states that is important to mark social “firsts” because they are the vehicle that provide the momentum of change. Congratulations on this phenomenal success!

Last but not least, I would like to give a shout out to Michele Weldon for op-ed “Keeping Predators away from Young Athletes.” Soon after,Michele was asked to appear on WPR radio to discuss ways to keep predators away from young athletes in light of the sexual abuse allegations at Pennsylvania State University. Click here to hear Michele’s WPR radio session.

Michele was also mentioned in a blog post on Slate for her book “Everyman News: The Changing American Front Page” (2007). The article “Are Front-Page Editorials on the Rise” by David Haglund highlights Weldon’s research on how more op-eds are beginning to be featured on the front page. The blog post highlights how op-eds are becoming an essential part of news reporting because they provide a deeper analysis. David notes Michele’s point that newspapers seem more likely to run editorials on the front page when editors are confident their opinions will be shared by most readers.

On a final note, I would like  to congratulate the OEP team for many fall firsts! I can only wait to see what winter has in store.


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