Week in Review – February 13, 2012


Woohoo! The successes keep rolling in! Anaam, OEP Social Media fellow, reporting in with three stellar pieces for the week of February 13, 2012 :

  • Decadent chocolates, red roses, and warm sentiments like: Be Mine and Together Forever. It is hard to not give into the fuzzy feeling of Valentine’s day. OEP Alum Qanta Ahmed was featured in USA Today for her latest success “Islam, interfaith marriage go hand in hand.” In light of the holiday, Qanta discusses how love can conquer ethnic and religious difference. The piece is beautifully written and makes a personal connection.
  • Another great piece this week, was penned by Deborah Siegel, OEP Regional Manager and Seminar Leader. Deborah’s op-ed titled “Occupy (Working) Motherhood” is an inside look into the roles of working mothers and a list of demands to help women with the job description. Also, Deborah wrote this piece to remind us and honor Susan B. Anthony’s birthday and legacy.
  • The OpEd Project got a huge shout-out and mention in CNN on Monday February 12,2012. Courtney Martin and Katie Orenstein were featured on the front page of CNN.com for their piece “How to have more Sheryl Sandbergs.” The op-ed discusses the need more women leaders and how females need to participate in daily dialogue to help up their roles and presence.

Whether it be about our personal identities, job description, or gender, it is clear that everyone has an important message to share. Be sure to share your thoughts on these successes and moreĀ  on Twitter and Facebook.



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