Public Voices Fellows Rock Public Discourse!

February has already been a FABULOUS month for The OpEd Project’s Public Voices Fellowship, and we’re just over halfway through!

Since its second convening on the 5th of February the Princeton Public Voices Fellows have been tearing through the opinion pages like marathoners through finish-line tape! They’ve published five pieces in just two weeks! Good news, too, from Yale, where the 30th Public Voices Fellowship success was celebrated this week! Some highlights below:

On the 1st of the month, Yale Fellow Ellen Lust‘s list of recommendations for Egypt’s economic recovery entitled “Allies Should Beware of Blank Checks,” was featured on the New York Times‘ Room For Debate page.

Just a day later, Priya Natarajan, also of Yale, published an article in The Washington Post in which she explores the reasons behind the declining number of students entering “STEM” fields – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Her piece, “Want Your Kid to be a Scientist? Start in Elementary School,” cites an incapacity in today’s college students to apply their book-knowledge to “real-life problems.” Natarajan says that in order to gain such skills, kids need to have “engaging, interactive learning environments that link school curricula to the outside world” starting in elementary school.

On February 7th, Jill Dolan of the Princeton program used Cynthia Nixon’s recent comments regarding her “choice” to become a lesbian (and the pugilistic response of many gay and lesbian activists) as a springboard for a discussing the limitations that the “born this way” rhetoric of LGBT activism has imposed on sexuality. Her article, “Do We Need a More Nuanced View of Sexuality,” appeared on AlterNet.

Margaret Martonosi, also of Princeton, published a great piece on PBS/ Need to Know this week entitled “IT Research and the U.S. Economy: A Long View.” In it, Maronosi defends President Obama’s 2013 budget increase in funding for information technology (IT) research, saying that IT innovation is absolutely essential to our economic well-being in the future. 

Congrats to all involved on the incredible successes! Can’t wait to see what the second half of the month brings to our nation’s conversations…


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