Empowerment through the Boston OpEd Project Seminar on Feb. 25th

My name is Jane Case and I recently represented WAM! Women, Action, & the Media at the “Write to Change the World” OpEd Project Seminar in Boston this past weekend. I was so thrilled to be a participant and was excited about what was in store for me. I expected to gain a lot out of just one day, but I had no idea I would come away with so much empowerment and drive.

At first it was intimidating to be a recent college graduate sitting in a room surrounded by extremely accomplished women who have made incredible contributions to this world. However, I soon felt comfortable through the welcoming feel in the room that Seminar Leader Zeba Khan produced. Zeba led an amazing seminar that left me feeling incredibly empowered and ready to use my voice at maximum capacity. Zeba helped open my eyes to what I have to offer to this world, and even though I am young, my own perspectives, knowledge, and experiences are important and powerful. Not only did I learn how to write an effective op-ed piece, but I now have the tools to make credible arguments for issues I care about in other contexts as well.

By the end of the day, I left with the excitement to share my voice in new ways, and a positive new look on what I have to offer to others. Before the seminar I was concerned about how to navigate a path toward my dreams and career goals as a woman who is in the very early stages of gaining professional work and writing experience. After completing the seminar I now recognize that my ideas and opinions can be a resource to others, and that I do in fact have the tools to make compelling arguments and make my voice heard, no matter where I am in the stages of my professional career.

OEP Program Manager, Alyssa Best,;Mentor-Editor, Dante Ramos; and Seminar Leader, Zeba Khan


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