Catching you all up on California Successes

Chelsea Carmona here, Regional Manager in LA and SF, and I have an incredible list of women who have been contributing to the west coast public debate lately! Whenever I get the opportunity to talk with some of our lovely alumni, I am always so inspired to learn of all the amazing work they are doing! Here are some highlights I have heard about in the past few days:

1. Tabby Biddle (pictured right) “The Women’s Movement: What’s Next?”Image

2. Ruth Schulenberg: “Heath Care Act Provides Crucial Consumer Protections”

3. Penny Mudd “Mike Daisey’s fictional attack on Apple and Foxconn reveals fact of Silicon Valley greed”

4. Kimberly Dark, “Surrending to Popular Views: A Time for Reflection”

5. Lisa Davidowitz, “Lisa Davidowitz in Support of Torie Osborn for the 50th AD”

Keep up all the great work ladies!


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