On Pushing Limits

Lately, I’ve been voicing my opinions on the meat industry, not the gold standard, to friends, and do so over watermelon and orzo instead of fancy dinner-party meals. But whether its animal cruelty and environmentalism or trade and economics, important conversations often envelop shared meals. Dinnertime is one of the best times for conversation in my house, and I’ve learned to compete with strong, knowledgeable voices on topics far outside my areas of expertise.

In the hilarious satire above, the woman says at the end that she doesn’t “know anything about the gold standard.” There are few things that we, involved citizens of a globalized world, know nothing about. I’m neither a vegan nor a PETA employee; I don’t hold a degree in environmental sciences and didn’t grow up on a farm. But, like most, I read and I think, and have done so considerably on eating animals. So I speak up, and try to push the limits of my knowledge, influence and typical conversations.

Though meant derisively, I actually relate to the diagram of a woman’s brain shown in the video. When watched without volume, one sees on screen a brain that, once filled with a certain amount of information, does not silently hold its contents. Reading an extensive account on the meat industry and watching numerous documentaries propelled me to share that which I’ve learned and the opinions I’ve formed with others.

As the video so humorously proclaims: women, know your limits! Then push them. Let’s not let our opinion sharing be confined only to our areas of expertise, and let’s not let our social lives be bound with conversations on the objective. Unleash your “wild and dangerous opinions;” your dinner guests will thank you.

Anna Meixler


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