One Month Later: Do You Know Who Narrates the World?

Just one month after publication, we are feeling the media reverberations from our groundbreaking 2012 Byline Report. This report has ignited responses from major media outlets all over the country, sparking discussions, debates and reflections on the issue of underrepresented voices in the media as well as on the role of the OpEd Project in diversifying and enriching public debate.

Here are a few of our personal favorites:

From the New York Times: New Media’s Old Problems

From the Guardian, titled ironically: Why Women Have No Opinion

From the Atlantic WireDo Female Journalists Have a Confidence Problem

and lastly, this witty piece from the New York ObserverReturn to Gender: Persistent Byline Gap Prompts Pitching and Moaning (and Partying!)

A more comprehensive list of media coverage can be found on our website.

The OpEd Project challenges you to not only read the 2012 Byline Report and the conversations it has generated, but also to partake in this conversation. Let us know on our blog, on our Facebook page, or on our Twitter feed your responses to the 2012 Byline Report.

We hope that the media impact our report has had in just one month can demonstrate that by actively inserting our voices into public discourse, we can change the conversation.

Xueli Wang & Anna Meixler 


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