Wikimedia, SPARK, and The OpEd Project mobilize in San Francisco

Friday morning, a fierce group of women met to conquer their expertise, expand their public voice, and master Wikipedia strategy. Major mobilizers from SPARK, The Wikimedia Foundation, The Global Women’s Fund, and New Media Advocacy came together to cultivate a stronger sense of power and influence- on their own terms. OpEd Project Founder Katie Orenstein explained that effective thought-leaders own their knowledge, understand its significance, and know how to use it.


Seminar Leader/Founder Katie O. smiles for the camera!



Wiki Strategist Pete Forsyth

On Saturday, Wikipedia Strategist Pete Forsyth played off of crucial themes from Day 1- changing the world and owning your expertise- in order to talk Wikipedia. He explained how to leverage the power of Wikipedia’s Did you Know?, Featured, and Good articles, while detailing some very interesting- and controversial- case studies in regards to article edits.


The first Wikimedia/OpEd Project pilot program was great fun- and we thank all involved for experimenting and playing with us! Stay tuned for a post from Wikimedia’s own Gayle Karen Young!


Sheila and Sarah break off and work as a team



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