1. Honestly, i am sooooo over the outpouring of indignation at Akin;s supremely stupid comments. It’s like he isn’t worthy of the consideration of intelligent people.

    1. tb1982 – yes, I’m sensitive to the over-accentuation of situations such as these as well; but, regardless of the often self-serving chatter that spirals throughout the Web, the articles I’ve featured here are 1) presented by reputable news sources, 2) are written by well-educated, inquisitive, multidisciplinary women, and 3) might just be among the articles about Rep. Akin that do really actually matter.

      That being said, yes, “End the witch hunt,” say I – but not before something positive/reparative is accomplished, i.e. not before the public is made fully aware of the implications (in this specific case) of such scientifically incorrect and presumptive ideas. Especially not before Akin’s campaign is effectively canceled out.

      As always, thanks for your input, and please do continue to ask questions,
      – J. J. Morr

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