The Week in Review

Notable O.E.P. Stories for the Week Ending in October 7, 2012

Good Morning

Good morning, indeed! What better way to start your week than with a rightly brewed cup of coffee and a few good reads. We were not able to get some of these success stories to you last week but here they are now. As always, we’re thrilled to engage in good dialogue with our authors and readers. Comment below, let us know what you’re thinking, what your pressing thoughts are. We’d love to hear them!

Ever hear of public-interest design? John Cary and Courtney E. Martin discuss human-centered approaches to design in their New York Times Sunday Review article Dignifying Designs.


Alissa Quart argues In “Women Who Hide Their Pregnancies” that for the rich and powerful it is not a “hindrance” but for the average American, it is. What do you think?


Writopia’s Executive Director –  Rebecca Wallace-Segall – makes “A Passionate, Unapologetic Plea for Creative Writing in Schools” in The Atlantic.


“Yes, there’s a tragedy on Broadway and it isn’t Electra,” says Indiewire guest writer Aphra Behn. In her cleverly titled article “We Came! We Saw! We Threw Bananas! WE WERE THEATRE!” Behn tells us about speaking out for gender parity in theater.


Following on the heels of the powerfully moving Undocubus movement, Vanessa Perez’s tremendous Ledger-Enquirer article, “Campus Border”, maintains that “a top university like UGA is supposed to be a greenhouse for new ideas, but it only marginalizes [undocumented] communities by banning their children from campus.” Do you agree?

Claudia Garcia-Rojas


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