A Mother and Daughter Write to Change the World Together

Emma (Daughter): Since I was a little girl, my mom dragged me to all kinds of political fundraisers and events aimed to empower women.  I was propelled into this arena because it’s in my blood.  She taught me to “show up“ and that doing so is the most simple way to make my voice heard as a woman.  It is actually my barometer for everything in my adult life: if there is an event, a call-to-action, a moment that requires people and support, I“show up “.  My mom told me to “show up” at Write to Change the World.  I did… and I believe it was a game-changer.  Not only was I extremely proud to be sitting next to my mentor, my best friend & my hero, but she brought me to the exact place on earth I needed to be.  What a gift.  As a woman with something to say, I needed to learn what was taught at this seminar.  Every woman does.  It is our duty to “show up “.  Why?  Because we have voices that are not heard and should be.  Because we are way better than we perceive ourselves.  Because we have a duty to rise up and be as loud as any man in this country.  We have the freedom of speech and it is simply wasted without our efforts.  We can make a difference as thought leaders.  Do we want history to be perceived and documented only by the loud voices of Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly?  I think not!  Now that I am armed with resources, support and tools to write an Op-Ed piece, I have no other choice but to do so.  I am so lucky.  Thank you so much for this gift and for this magical day of empowerment.  I am forever grateful for the opportunity to make my mama proud!  —Emma Faris

Priscilla (Mother): I love the study of politics and public policy.  I have even had my own experiences in politics and grew up in a political family.  Few people’s voices are heard in the media, especially women and minorities. Write to Change the World gave me the confidence I needed to weigh in on my observations and share my wisdom.  We learned how to get the attention of the reader and give our opinion with authority and interest.  At the seminar I met many very interesting people who also cared enough to take the time to learn how to write an opinion piece.  Courtney Martin was a wonderful teacher, inspiring us to take charge and get our thoughts out there. Best of all was attending the event with Emma, my daughter who is very active in working to elect young women to office.  Don’t miss this great opportunity!! — Priscilla Lord Faris


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