Courtney Baxter Publishes in The New York Times

In She Went For Broke, And Found a Job Courtney Baxter tells the true tale of how she gallivanted throughout five states in search of a stable job that mattered. She talks about how she found The OpEd Project.


Baxter writes, “I FOUND my dream job in New York after writing an e-mail version of one of those half-court basketball shots. In a state of post-graduation anxiety early this year, I had paused from my résumé tweaking and cover-letter editing to acknowledge that I was at a loss. That’s when my gut persuaded me to e-mail an author I had never met, and to ask her for advice.”


Courtney Baxter

Courtney Baxter stands next to her oped.

We don’t want to give the entire story away. However, we do want to express how honored we are that we get to work with her everyday, and how much gratitude we have for all that she does. In addition to assisting The OpEd Project’s founder, Katie Orenstein, she manages the New York and Minneapolis public seminars. Congratulations Courtney! We are proud of you.

This is Courtney Baxter’s first oped. A printed copy was made available in the New York Time’s Sunday paper.



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