Week in Review

Notable O.E.P. Stories for the Week Ending in November 18, 2012

 Ever wonder how we react to reading the successes of our brilliant alums? The diversity of thought and opinion is simply flabbergasting!  We guarantee, a perusal of the op-ed articles published by our opinionists is this jaw-dropping. And for this reason we encourage you…Nay. We dare you to read them.

Kelly Pope

Professor of accounting, Kelly Pope will be joining 20 other faculty as part of The OpEd Project’s Public Voices Fellowship at DePaul University. She also took the Chicago “Write to Change the World” public seminar in October. Shortly after, she published an astounding Forbes article on Rita Crundwell, a white-collar criminal who embezzled approximately $53 million dollars. Rita’s Countdown to Court is Pope’s pondering on Crundwell’s court date.

Jaime Dominguez

A Public Voices Fellow at Northwestern University, Jaime Dominguez put into practice his expertise as a political scientist by penning this piece on the Latino voter turnout during our most recent election, and the implications this carries for President Obama’s second term in office. As he argues in his Huffington Post op-ed,  A Sleeping Giant No More, “America is becoming more diverse, as this election has made clear. Latinos are the fastest-growing component of this rapid transformation. There could be no better time for President Obama to take immigration reform to the Congress, and give Latino voters a glimpse of the future.”

Dr. Lori Freedman

Sociologist and author of, ‘Willing and Unable: Doctors’ Constraints in Abortion Care’, Lori Freedman also publishes in The Huffington Post “It Could Happen Here”, an article on the recent death of Savita Halappanavar. She questions whether this kind of tragedy could happen in the U.S.?


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