Monday Madness: Meet Teresa Puente, Journalist, Professor, & Latino Community Expert


Teresa Puente. Photo from Teresa’s Twitter profile.

With the flurry of activity that’s constantly happening at The OpEd Project, we rarely get a chance to individually highlight our many amazing staff and teachers.  One of them is Teresa Puente, the focus of today’s Monday Madness–our time to brag about the awesome folks on our team.

Teresa co-led our Public Voices Fellowship at DePaul University and also teaches public seminars for us.  Just this month, she published two op-eds about the new Lifetime channel show Devious Maids, arguing that the show reinforces negative stereotypes of Latina culture.  They’re in The Albuquerque Journal and The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

When she isn’t teaching an OpEd Project seminar or writing, Teresa spends the bulks of her time as an assistant journalism professor at Columbia College Chicago.  She focuses on new media and diversity, subjects she pursues as the editor and publisher of Latina Voices and in her opinion blog for Chicago Now.  Previously, she was a reporter at the Chicago Tribune and a columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times.

Altogether, Teresa has nearly 20 years of experience as a journalist and has solidified her position as an expert in immigration and Latino topics in the U.S.  Did we mention she’s bilingual?  To learn more about Teresa and her work, you can follow her on Twitter @chicanisima.


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