Thursday Thank You: Northwestern Features OEP on Home Page

the oped project

We wanted to extend a Thursday Thank You shout-out to Northwestern University for featuring The OpEd Project on their home page!  Northwestern is the site of one of our most prolific Public Voices Fellowships, led by Michele Weldon–a professor at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism–and EJ Graff.   Its fellows from the past year have published over 100 successes and counting.

Their story, titled “Working to Get Women, Minority Voices in the Media,” profiled the work we’ve done with them thus far and will continue to do in the upcoming 2013-14 fellowship.

“If the idea is to have your work produce some kind of influence in the world and get connections with people who can further your work, this is a wonderful pathway that most academics don’t exploit,” said Cristina Traina, a 2012 Public Voices fellow and religious studies professor, in the article.

Thank you, Northwestern!  As a parting note, Chicago’s Write to Change the World public seminar will take place at its downtown Medill building this Sunday.  A truly wonderful university and home to thought leadership.



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