Family and More at Write to Change the World in Chicago

The Write to Change the World seminar yesterday in Chicago was special in many ways.  We had not one, not two, but three amazing teachers–Deborah Siegel, Michele Weldon, and Deborah Douglas (her first time leading for us!)–to work with a full-to-the-brim session of close to 30 people.  There was a group of inspiring nonprofit folks who came through on a McCormick Foundation grant.  And, it was a very family-friendly environment with Allen Siegel, Deborah Siegel’s father, in attendance, as well as Weldon Rogers, Michele Weldon’s oldest son.
From left: Weldon Rogers, Michele Weldon, Deborah Siegel, and Allen Siegel

From left: Weldon Rogers, Michele Weldon, Deborah Siegel, and Allen Siegel

Weldon, who recently earned his Master’s in Contemporary History and returned to the U.S. after spending two years in Spain, shared his thoughts with us in this guest post:
“The OpEd Project seminar is an invaluable professional resource. Far from the typical training that teaches a journalistic skill, the seminar teaches people how to define and articulate their ideas and skill sets in a concise, clear way that can reach a general audience. You learn how to understand and present yourself to the world. You learn how to articulate an idea and translate it into a publishable piece of journalism. You learn how your perspective can be useful to others.

What you take away from the seminar can be applied in nearly any professional area: an interview, a presentation, even in simple conversation. Making yourself accessible and understandable means that you can connect with more people, become influential in a broader sense, and in turn, attract more opportunities. The OpEd project mission is highly important yet surprisingly simple: define your unique expertise and tell the world.”

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