How to Write Short, As Told By a Washington Post Editor

With the explosion of content with modern technology, space in publications is becoming increasingly precious–meaning that writers are having to write increasingly short.  As a micro-example: Twitter, anyone?

Image from WiseGeek.

Image from WiseGeek

Carlos Lozada, Outlook editor of The Washington Post, touches upon this and other short-writing tips covered by Roy Peter Clark in his article, “How to Write Short: Word Craft for Fast Times.”  He lists out his five confessions:

  • I edit with a tweet in mind.
  • I love lists.
  • Sometimes, I write the headline first.
  • The writer and editor in me don’t like each other.
  • Everything I do has been done before.

His explanations and full article are here.  Do you have other ways of keeping things concise?


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