Los Angeles Seminar Returns to Milbank!

Thanks to Milbank for hosting us, and to leader Christine Larson and the participants for an incredible day!

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Anne Meyer, M.D.

Anne Meyer, M.D.

Update:   Participant Anne Meyer, an assistant professor at UCLA and an attending physician at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, wrote us a quick note about what it meant for her to attend the seminar this Sunday.  She said:

”I am so grateful to The OpEd Project organizers Christine Larson, Chelsea Carmona, Yoonj Kim, founder Katie Orenstein as well as to a fabulous group of socially responsible participants. On September 15th, 2013 I had the privilege to join the ‘Write to Change the World’ OpEd Project workshop in Los Angeles.  I currently consider myself a ‘physician in transition,’ with a strong desire to change the way I practice medicine, disseminate information to the public and most of all inspire people to think proactively about their health.  This workshop was a fantastic way to help me to help others by learning the tools necessary to formulate a powerful and effective message via op-ed publications.  The day could not have been better!  The journey now will be eye opening.  I encourage anyone with a passion to share her message to help our world to take this workshop–NOW.”


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